API Credentials

Once your Cryptopay account is activated, you can generate the API Key and API Secret that are required to authenticate the API and indicate the Callback URL.

Note that only Root and Admin user roles can access the Settings > API page.

Here is a quick article on how to manage users in your Cryptopay account.

  • Callback URL - in this field you can specify the URL which Cryptopay will send callbacks to

  • Callback Secret - in this field you can view the secret for validating callbacks and generate a new secret if necessary

  • I want to receive callbacks for coin withdrawal transactions - activate this option if you want Cryptopay to send callbacks when the status of coin withdrawals changes

API keys - here you can generate the API Key and API Secret to authenticate the Cryptopay API, specify the necessary permissions for the key to be created and add IP addresses to the whitelist of that key.

The API secret should be stored on your side. Since it is only displayed once, you should write the API secret down or copy it into your application code immediately. If it is lost, you will need to delete the compromised API key and generate a new one.

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