Invoice hosted page

An invoice hosted page is a web page that you can embed into your website to display the payment details of a particular invoice to a customer.

There is a hosted_page_url attribute in the invoice details that contains its hosted page URL.

  "id": "cc75b958-5780-4b34-a33a-cf63b349fbab",
  "custom_id": "209584732",
  "status": "new",
  "status_context": null,
  "address": "2NG8f2EVxN8XJ4DHriRt9q9LkdVCpQZ2UGB",
  "network": "bitcoin",
  "uri": "bitcoin:2NG8f2EVxN8XJ4DHriRt9q9LkdVCpQZ2UGB?amount=0.02038328",
  "price_amount": "100.0",
  "price_currency": "EUR",
  "pay_amount": "0.02038328",
  "pay_currency": "BTC",
  "fee": "1.0",
  "fee_currency": "EUR",
  "paid_amount": "0.0",
  "exchange": {
    "pair": "BTCEUR",
    "rate": "4905.9838",
    "fee": "0.0",
    "fee_currency": "EUR"
  "transactions": [],
  "name": "invoice name",
  "description": "invoice description",
  "metadata": {
    "foo": "bar"
  "success_redirect_url": null,
  "hosted_page_url": "",
  "created_at": "2019-05-02T13:56:56+00:00",
  "expires_at": "2019-05-02T14:06:56+00:00"


You can apply different settings to hosted pages appearance like a specific locale by adding its acronym to the end of the hosted_page_url value via a query parameter. For example: + ?locale=jp

Below is a list of variables you can use.




Can be en, de, fr, es, pt, ru and jp which means English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian or Japanese language.

If parameter is not set, the language will be taken from the browser settings.



Show/hide a back button on the page. This might be useful if you redirect customers to hosted pages. false if set by default



Controls the color design of the hosted page. light (by default) or dark.

Transaction created

As soon as a sender broadcasts the transaction, you'll receive a callback with the following attributes:

"event": "transaction_created"

Status changed

You'll receive one more callback when the invoice changes its status to one of the final ones (completed or refunded) upon transaction confirmation:

"event": "status_changed"

Invoice expired

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