1. Create a channel

  2. Send cryptocurrency to the channel address

  3. Make sure you have received the callbacks and processed them correctly on your side

  4. Check the payment status using the GET request

  5. Make sure that you credit the funds to the customer's balance when the payment status is updated to completed

  6. Make sure that you credit the correct amount to the customer's balance. Remember that paid_amount == received_amount + fee, where received_amount is the amount credited to the Cryptopay merchant balance and fee is the amount of processing fee charged by Cryptopay for processing the payment

  7. Make sure that resending callbacks with the completed status does not result in the recharging of funds to the customer's balance on your side

  8. Make sure that all the relevant teams on your side (Support Team, Finance Team, Fraud Team, Transaction Monitoring Team) are aware of how Cryptopay payment risk scoring works and that incoming payments can be assigned with the On Hold status and the Illicit Resources context in cases where they were sent from wallets connected to criminal activity

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