To keep the list of coins in your systems up to date use the GET /api/coins endpoint.

The endpoint provides the following information:

  • Array of available coins and all supported networks

  • Currency - currency ticker

  • Name - name of currency, network or destination tag

  • Precision - number of decimal places supported by coin

  • Destination tag - the presence of an additional destination_tag field for the coin. If destination_tag is not null, then there is an additional field for the coin and it must be shown to the user when the user is paying, as well as give an opportunity to the user to specify it, on par with the wallet address, when withdrawing funds. Additional parameter required specifies the obligation to send destination_tag when requesting a coin withdrawal:

    • required: true - you cannot create a withdrawal without specifying destination_tag. If the user doesn't specify it, add dt=0 to the request.

    • required: false - you can create a withdrawal without destination_tag. If the user didn't specify it - don't add dt to the request.

Destination tag is similar to a reference number for bank transfers. It helps to identify transactions when a single address is used by multiple users.

  • Logo url - link to logo of the coin

  • Invoices, channels, coin withdrawals - availability for use in invoices, channels and coin withdrawals. Switches to false during maintenance on our side.

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