Visual presentation at Cashier

Below is a good example of what details at your Cashier might look like:
The customer chooses Bitcoin deposit method
The customer gets the payment details
The merchant displays payment details to the customer
Please note what details are shown to the customer:
  • QR code. To generate a QR code, it is necessary to use the content of the uri parameter, which you received in your response when creating the invoice: "uri":"bitcoin:3Gtvf2EVxN8XJ4DHriRt9q9LkdVCpQZEeSd?amount=0.010268"The QR code allows customers to make payments using a mobile device if the wallet is installed on it. The customer simply scans the QR code and the device opens the wallet with an automatically pre-filled payment destination address, which is a rather convenient method in the UX context
  • Payment amount in BTC
  • The address the payment should be sent to
  • The “Copy” buttons opposite the payment amount and address for customers’ convenience
  • Timer with a countdown of the time during which the payment is to be made
You can download cryptocurrency icons here. Alternatively, you can insert a ready hosted page with all the necessary payment details into your UI, which looks like this.