Payment and software providers

Cryptopay Business has partnered and integrated with major software providers. These companies supply businesses operating in specific sectors with a payment module that integrates various types of payment solutions, such as card payments, online wallets and cryptocurrency payments.

Cryptopay Business is integrated with such platforms and provides a cryptocurrency payment service for their payment modules.

We have partnered with:

If your product is already built on one of our supported payment providers, implementing Cryptopay Business will be easier and faster than direct API integration.

How to incorporate Cryptopay for Business through payment providers?

  1. Sign up and get verified on Cryptopay for Business.

  2. Choose the payment acceptance type (Invoices or Channels). Our Support team or Integration manager will help you to make a decision.

  3. Contact your payment provider and advise them of your payment method choice, and receive their instructions on how to set up Cryptopay on their side.

  4. Generate a new API key and submit it to the payment processor. You can generate a new API key on the Settings page -> API.

  5. In the Cryptopay Business settings, please fill in the Callback URL field.

    • Callback URL has to be obtained from the payment provider

    • Callback URL has to be filled in the Cryptopay for Business account on the Settings page → API.

  6. In case you choose to accept payments via invoices, please don't forget to define the rules for handling unresolved invoices.

We recommend you to make an initial integration on the sandbox environment to test the functionality before opening a prod account.

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