high_risk_address error message
Cryptopay runs screening of destination addresses before process withdraw requests. In case you submit a cryptocurrency address that is connected to a resource which is known for its illicit activities, we will return a 422 error:
"error": {
"code": "high_risk_address",
"message": "We were unable to process your request as the address of the recipient may be associated with resource primarily used for unlawful activities",
"details": []
"meta": {
"request_id": "d38974a2b27235018b06fa56bd1ed2bb"
This means that we will not be able to process your request to send cryptocurrency to that address.
We recommend you to make your Fraud Prevention / Transaction Monitoring teams aware of such response from us so that they take appropriate actions in terms of AML/CTF regulations and risk control procedures.
Refer to the Risks section to get more information about risks.
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