Tools for accepting payments

Cryptopay Business offers several solutions to accept payments, which allow you to flexibly integrate them into the purchase process.


They are used as permanent cryptocurrency addresses dedicated to each of your customers. All the incoming payments will be automatically converted into the specified currency and credited to the payer's balance.

The process of accepting channel payments includes:

  1. the payer selects a payment in cryptocurrency as a payment method and selects a type of cryptocurrency;

  2. the wallet number for the payment is shown;

  3. it's possible to send any amount to the wallet; the entire amount sent will be converted according to the rate at the moment when it's received and credited to the balance;

  4. the same channel address can be used multiple times with any time interval between them; all payments will be credited to the user's balance.

Please note that channels don’t support the ability to indicate a fixed amount in fiat, which the user will receive after a successful payment.


Invoices are used to credit a fixed amount in fiat currency to the balance, or to make a purchase at a price determined at the time of a payment.

The process of accepting invoice payments includes:

  1. the payer indicates an amount in a fiat currency, which is necessary to credit to the balance (or adds the desired goods to the cart);

  2. the payer selects a payment in crypto as a payment method and selects a type of cryptocurrency;

  3. we freeze the rate for the client for the 10 minutes, during which the customer can make a payment in order to receive an indicated amount to the balance;

  4. the wallet number and the amount are shown for a payment, as well as the time during which the transaction needs to be made;

  5. upon successful completion of the payment, the user receives the indicated amount to the balance.

For each new payment, a new invoice is generated.

Rules for invoices' refunds which are paid with an error are configured separately.

Ready-made payment solutions based on invoices

On the basis of invoices, several ready-made solutions have been implemented, which allow you to make quick integration, or use them manually without integration.

A payment link, to which you can transmit the payment parameters. By clicking the link, the user leaves the site and gets to the checkout page, where he can complete the payment.

Payment links are flexibly integrated into the sales process and allow you to receive information about incoming payments automatically.

Learn more about payment links.

Online checkout

The ready-made solution allows you to integrate the payment process into the site and automatically receive information about incoming payments.

More about the online checkout.

Web checkout (POS)

It generates a payment link. The payers can specify the amount in fiat currency by themselves, then select the cryptocurrency for a payment and pay. The existence and status of the transaction is monitored manually. It can be used for accepting offline payments.

Learn more about web checkout (POS).

Hosted catalog

It generates a payment link with an amount in fiat or cryptocurrency which is manually pre-specified. The payer needs to choose a cryptocurrency for a payment and pay. The existence and the status of the transaction is monitored manually.

Learn more about hosted catalog.

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