Invoice statuses

Invoices have several status and status_context options.






An invoice has been created and Cryptopay is waiting for a transaction



The transaction has been processed successfully and the invoice amount credited to your account



The invoice has been underpaid and must be resolved. Can be updated to completed or refunded



The invoice has been overpaid and must be resolved. Can be updated to completed or refunded



The invoice has been paid after the 10 minutes has passed and must be resolved. Can be updated to completed or refunded



The received cryptocurrency transaction has been evaluated as High-Risk, therefore the payment has been put on hold. Can be updated to completed or refunded



The full cryptocurrency transaction amount has been added to the merchant's cryptocurrency balance or sent back to the customer



The invoice hasn't been paid or the broadcasted transaction hasn't been confirmed on the network within 14 days

There are 3 other statuses besides new and completed.


The cancelled status is assigned to a payment if the transaction has not been confirmed on the blockchain network within 14 days from the moment the customer sent the funds to the invoice address. This may occur if the user has made a double spend of funds and the network has not validated the payment. The second possible scenario, in which the invoice status will be updated from new to cancelled, is when the invoice has not been paid within 14 days. In both these cases, we will send a callback with the updated status.


In cases where a customer underpays, overpays or pays an invoice after 10 minutes, the invoice will change its status from new to unresolved. For all these scenarios, the relevant context will be given: underpaid, overpaid or paid_late.


The unresolved status can be updated to completed or refunded, depending on how the merchant decides to receive such payment - to accept the funds received and complete the payment, or return the funds back to the sender. The unresolved status with the illicit_resource context is assigned to the payment when it has received a high risk level. In case you get a High-Risk payment it is required you contact us at Our Transaction Monitoring team will review this transaction to make a decision on whether we will be able to reduce the risk level and process this payment, and add the funds to your account balance or we will have to send the funds back to the sender. Please refer to the Risks section to get more details on what High-Risk transactions are and why we take it very seriously. Once the money has been sent back, the payment status will be changed to refunded. If the payment has not been returned to the sender but has been credited to the merchant's balance, the payment status will be changed to refunded.

Invoice statuses diagram

You can also see all the steps from the moment the invoice is created to the moment the payment is credited to the merchant account balance at Cryptopay.

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