Channel hosted page

A channel hosted page is a web page that you can embed into your website to display the payment details of a particular channel to a customer.

There is a hosted_page_url attribute in the channel details that contains a URL to its hosted page.

  "id": "50eb5775-f77e-4c64-870b-dc93624b5967",
  "name": "channel name",
  "description": "channel description",
  "receiver_currency": "EUR",
  "pay_currency": "BTC",
  "address": "2N9uVK2MDFNgBVqPnvCTV66Dinx3cp5J7S4",
  "network": "bitcoin",
  "project_id": "25632c89-7f40-4693-8ed0-99bf5f79d3a6",
  "custom_id": "631044494",
  "uri": "bitcoin:2N9uVK2MDFNgBVqPnvCTV66Dinx3cp5J7S4",
  "hosted_page_url": ""


You can apply different settings to hosted pages appearance like a specific locale by adding its acronym to the end of the hosted_page_url value via a query parameter. For example: + ?locale=jp

Below is a list of variables you can use.

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